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E-mail: phil.snow@frozenvaporstudios.com
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Phil Snow lives and works in the the Northern Virginia region.

Phil Snow founded Frozen Vapor Studios when he saw the opportunity to provide his film production and expertise to students in Northern Virginia. He began simply by helping provide instruction on cinematography techniques to a single student production. From there, he then expanded to offer full range film production instruction to multiple film clubs.

Providing this opportunity is so important for Phil as it was in high school where his love of film and video production started. Early skills such as editing reel to reel audio and learning to edit VHS on A/B roll systems were solid foundations. Owing a lot to his very inspirational high school video production teacher, Deborah Yowell, he started his first production company right after graduating. With that first company he moved into early computer based digital video production. He has continued to develop his skills staying on top of changes in the industry that time and technology have brought to bear including the most recent changes to high definition digital cinema cameras and non destructive non linear digital editing systems.

Giving back to the community and giving students the opportunity to explore the cinematic arts is very fulfilling to Phil. It’s amazing to see what the young filmmakers can produce when given the time, attention, opportunity and skills to explore their creativity.

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