Date: May 6, 2022

Where: AG Wright Middle School

Time: Show starts promptly at 3:30PM (please arrive a little early to get settled)


Concessions will be available for purchase.

Students: Bring a can of food for the local food bank and get a chance to take home a loaded Mission BBQ gift basket!

This is a documentary so much more than just a show about the production of a school play or just about kids dealing with COVID restrictions.  It’s about their real life struggles, perseverance, and finding ways to overcome obstacles so that their show would go on – so they could get back to just being kids again.  


Every student/school play production (well, every play production for that matter) comes with it’s own set of ups and downs: it’s own emotional roller coaster if you will. From the excitement of the play announcement, to the nerves of auditions, through the smiles and tears of casting, then the stress of learning lines and blocking. Finally, there’s that magical cathartic moment on opening night. It’s really an amazing ride every time.

But imagine taking this journey in the Fall of 2021, when the COVID Delta variant was on the rise, increasing covid restrictions and new mitigation techniques were put in place as kids headed back to school. Things just got a whole lot more complicated. How will they keep the kids safe? What will happen if a cast member gets covid? How do you block a play and stay socially distant? Will they have to wear masks? How will masks affect their performance? Does the audience need to be masked? So many more questions…

Our Show Must Go On is a documentary feature film about how one middle school faced and overcame challenges to produce a play in the midst of the COVID pandemic. Frozen Vapor Studios worked with AG Wright Middle School in Stafford, VA to get inside access to the production of their Fall 2021 play. Even with all that was going on, the school was nonetheless determined to provide their students with this wonderful enrichment opportunity. Lead by the drama teacher, Rudy Lane, and guided by the Principal, Carly Hegna, they navigated these uncharted waters, made some unconventional decisions, and ultimately pulled off what at first seemed impossible. This achievement will be long cherished by all those involved and touched by this production.

Special thanks to our sponsors for their continued support in enriching our students lives:

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