So, what might happen if you were stuck late at school when the zombie apocalypse happens? Well, that’s the situation our group of high schooler’s find themselves in “Undeaducated” the latest feature film we’ve made in association with cast and crew from our local school film clubs. As we get close to releasing this movie to the world, we wanted to share the exciting first poster with everyone! We think it’s pretty cool!

We began shooting this movie early last Spring (2020) and were making great progress when the COVID pandemic interrupted production like it did for so many things in all of our lives. It closed the schools which closed our filming locations. Imagine how ironic, making a zombie movie when, at the same time, a real life viral pandemic was sweeping across the world! Everyone involved was so sad and discouraged after already putting in so much work only to never see the product of their hard work materialize. We thought we might never get it finished. Then, mid-Summer, with the development of safer film set protocols and the support of our local community, we were offered an alternate filming location. When given the opportunity to finish the movie everyone involved jumped at the chance. So after a quick rewrite, we did it as safely and quickly as we could given new COVID protocol restrictions! And we am so glad we did. Undeaducated is an exciting ride and we can’t wait for everyone to get to watch it. Coming soon!  Stay tuned for more info!!!

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