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Giving back to the community is at our core. We fundamentally believe it’s our responsibility to provide enrichment opportunities in our community to creative young filmmakers enabling them to broaden their skillset, find their voice and explore their creativity through film and cinematic arts.

The best way we do this is by partnering with local schools and mentoring their film production clubs. Not only do we provide classroom instruction and training on all aspects of film production, we also provide them with the opportunity to apply their skills on real world film sets.

Each year we help organize and host the Stafford County Public Schools Film Festival. This festival is an important right of passage for the young film makers as they get to display their own cinematic creations to their friends, families, and the community. We anchor each festival with a feature film we produce with the clubs. The creation of this annual feature is designed in such a way to help the students reach for that next level of film making.  We run the production just like a professional film set with specific roles and responsibilities for all involved. As the production progresses the students find their groove and take on more responsibilities from their mentors. It’s truly wonderful to see them blossom and grow during this time. Other than film production skills the students learn so many valuable life lessons from this experience – time management, creative thinking, communication and interpersonal relationship skills just to name a few. Our hope is that they take the skills they have honed and apply them to whatever path life ends up taking them on as they move on to bigger and better things.

Frozen Vapor Studios is headed up by Philip and Stephanie Snow. Visit our IMDb.

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William Boatwright

“ Wonderful, giving, creative, and easy to work with. The film production enrichment opportunities they provide to our students are amazing. “

William Boatwright

Middle School Principal
Mitzi Biddle

” I love working with them and helping our students explore the art of filmmaking. The opportunity, experience, and enrichment they provide is amazing for all involved, especially our students. ”

Mitzi Biddle

High School Teacher
Robert Long

“ They enable students and teachers to create by teaching the art of filmmaking: from writing & directing to shooting & editing. The art the students have produced will carry with them throughout their lives. ”

Robert Long

Gifted/Talented Teacher
Rudy Lane

” Frozen Vapor fuels creativity for future film makers, actors, and artists in the industry. An incredible experience with incredible people. ”

Rudy Lane

Radio Personality/Teacher

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